This site is for physicians or practitioners use only. There are several common skin issues and several causes of them. Wrinkles and sagging skin can become a major concern as we age.

The common belief is that this loss of elasticity is caused by cellular damage and degradation. People are also concerned with blemishes and pimples as well as oily or dry skin.

Sometimes, these issues can be attributed to external contaminants such as pollution and the sun. The best way to keep your skin looking great is to start a skin care topical and supplement regime daily.

In addition, daily or weekly application of ultrasonic movement produced by Face-Tight is also highly recommended as an alternative to reconstructive surgery. Using these products can promote healthy and youthful looking skin.

Today more than ever people are looking for solutions to stay younger and look healthier, and the most prominent part of the body that concerns them is the face. There are many products on the market that tout their effectiveness and make all sorts of promises. Some work, most don’t. The fact is, human skin can sometimes be so damaged that almost nothing will work to repair it.

Now however the physicians with Life Science Laboratories have developed an electromagnetic dermal stimulator called Face-Tight which promises to help women who have had their skin damaged by the effects of the sun, aging, smoking, etc.

Face-tight brings a number of new products to market that are absolutely phenomenal and can help to erase years from your face and help revitalize skin and soften the ravages of aging and other skin damaging problems.

One of their patented formulas includes the new, ingredient Argireline that has B-Tox-like properties. This cutting edge new ingredient dynamically fights wrinkling while also providing a gentle cosmetic touch to aid in the cover-up of wrinkles. It does this by calming the muscles of the face which causes the effect of perceptibly milder features and a relaxing of the facial appearance lines.

Another excellent product from Face-Tight is their Derma-Bright skin tightener. This anti-aging and anti-wrinkle product uses an award winning formula based on botanical stem cell therapy developed in Switzerland. It tighten the facial skin and naturally decreases wrinkles and age lines while working to rejuvenate the skin of the face and reduce the effects of sun, harsh weather and lifestyle choices. If you’re looking for a new line of products to help you fight off Father Time and get rid of those lousy wrinkles there’s no better solution than both Face-Tight and Derma-Bright. The complete line of facial rejuvenation creams and other products will soon have you looking for reasons to go out and show the world your beautiful face again.